West Midlands NRPF research

West Midlands NRPF research

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) is undertaking a programme of research commissioned by WMSMP to help fill gaps in knowledge in relation to the growing number of migrants with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) in the West Midlands. NRPF is a condition which may be imposed on persons from abroad living in the UK. In essence it means they are not entitled to welfare benefits or public housing. The link between NRPF people and local government lies in local government’s statutory responsibility to support people who are destitute. In the last few years NRPF has become increasingly important to local government because the numbers of NRPF people becoming destitute are increasing.

Aims and objectives

The study aims to examine the size and costs associated with NRPF people supported by local authorities in the West Midlands. It intends to improve the existing evidence base around:

  1. Numbers: to illustrate the numbers of people with NRPF supported by local authorities in the West Midlands and costs to the local authority of providing and co-ordinating this support.
  2. Trends: to explore the emerging issues in relation to NRPF and to understand how this area of work is changing over time.
  3. Improved evidence base: to improve the evidence base on which recommendations can be made to address emerging issues and trends in relation to NRPF.
  4. Local authority monitoring and good practice: to monitor how local authorities are dealing with NRPF cases and where good practice in practice is occurring.
  5. Future developments: to develop appropriate development programmes to meet gaps in current knowledge and skills in identifying and addressing NRPF issues.

For further details please contact:
l.j.goodson@bham.ac.uk or dalvinder.panesar@birmingham.gov.uk