Home Office Data

This section contains published Home Office data on UK migration including its quarterly releases of immigration data.

User Guide

In order to assist users, the Home Office has produced a user guide on immigration statistics available below. This user guide is designed to be a useful reference guide with explanatory notes on the Home Office’s quarterly immigration statistics release.


Immigration Statistics

2017 | January-March | April-June | July-September |

2016 | January-March April-June | July-September | October-December

2015 | January-March | April-June | July-September | October-December

2014 | January-March | April-June | July-September | October-December

2013 | January-March | April-June | July-September October-December

WMSMP Summaries – Latest Immigration Statistics

September 2017 | WMSMP – Asylum | WMSMP – SVPRS | WMSMP – NTS

August 2017 | WMSMP – Asylum | WMSMP – SVPRS

March 2017WMSMP – Asylum | WMSMP – SVPRS

December 2016WMSMP – Asylum | WMSMP – SVPRS

Other Home Office Data

Migration Statistics Collection, bringing together all published Home Office data on Migration.

Monthly Asylum Application Table shows all pending applications received for asylum since April 2006 up until 2015,

Research and analysis – Research on migration to support Home Office policy development and operational activity.

Children entering detention – The Home Office issues monthly data relating to children who are detained under Immigration Act powers. (For historical analysis only, as new data will be released with the quarterly Immigration Statistics  release – pre-June 2015)