This section contains updates and announcements from the Home Office on migration. Listed are all announcements regarding migration in the West Midlands or the UK as a whole. To view all Home Office announcements, please follow this link.

21 April 2016

The government will resettle up to 3,000 individuals over the course of this Parliament.

Following on from January when the government commissioned the UNHCR to resettle children and adults from the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), with several hundred to be resettled this year and the full 3000 by the end of the current Parliament.

21 April 2016

Immigration Minister confirms UK contribution to EU/Turkey deal

The UK is offering to deploy a team of experts to Greece to help deal with the unprecedented number of migrants travelling from Turkey to the continent.

18 April 2016

New time limit planned for pregnant women in detention

The Home Secretary has issued a ministerial statement announcing the government’s intentions to place a 72-hour time limit on the detention of pregnant women. The government intends to table the new legislation through the Immigration Bill when it returns to the House of Commons later this month.

21 March 2016

Visa changes designed to reduce reliance on foreign workers

On the 21st March 2016 the government announced reforms to the skilled worker visa in order to protect job opportunities for UK residents and reduce reliance on foreign workers. (GOV.UK)

18 March 2016

New visa and immigration and nationality fees

The main changes are:

  • visas linked most closely to economic growth, such as those offered to workers and students, will be increased by 2%
  • a 2% increase will apply to all visit visas to help maintain the UK’s position as one of the world’s top tourist destinations
  • an increase of up to 25% will apply to settlement, residence and nationality fees, as these routes deliver the most benefits to successful applicants
  • an increase of up to 33% for optional premium services offered by the Home Office such as the super premium service and priority visa services overseas

Having come into effect on 18th March 2016 (6th April 2016 for the Isle of Man)

1 February 2016

Right to Rent goes live across England

From the 1st February 2016, Right to Rent went live across England. This means all private landlords, including anyone subletting or taking in lodgers, need to carry out quick and simple checks on all new tenants to make sure they have the right to rent property in the country.

29 October 2015

Immigration Rules changes

Government announced changes to the Immigration Rules.Most of these changes will affect all applications submitted on or after 19 November 2015 unless otherwise stated.

13 August 2015

New Requirement for Visa holders wishing to stay in the UK for more than 6 months to get a Biometric Residence Permit upon arrival (GOV.UK.)

The Home Office have introduced new guidance for visa holders who wish to stay in the UK for more than six months. The page also contains information on how to apply and obtain a Biometric Residence Permit.

30 July 2015

UK Visas and immigration announces changes to student visa rules (UKVI).

Significant changes have been made to visa rules surrounding international students. Some changes will be introduced in August 2015 and others in November 2015. Please see link for more details.

28 July 2015

Asylum Support Restructure (UK Visas and Immigration).

Asylum Financial Support has undergone a change in operational structure that has taken effect from June 1st 2015. The restructure has seen a shift away from financial support matters being dealt within a region in which the user lives to four specialist areas delivering defined aspects of financial support (Assessment, Accommodation Monitoring Team, Section 95 and the Section 4 Team).

Here is an up to date list of numbers for the various teams within Asylum Financial Support.

27 July 2015

Government introduces new rate of Asylum Support (GOV.UK)

This letter from the Home Office explains the new levels of cash payments that will be made to destitute asylum seekers who are single as well as with dependants. A standard rate of £36.95 will be given to each supported person (of whatever age) as well as to any children included in a family who will also be given the same weekly rate. This will see a reduction in support given to families with children under 18 as well as one-parent families with children. These changes will take effect from August 10th 2015.

The new rates will see the support for a single parent with two children claiming asylum cut from £149.86 a week to £110.85. For a couple with one child the new rate will be brought down from £125.48 to £110.85 and for a couple with two children from £178.44 to £147.80.

20 July 2015

Updated policy guidance on Tier 1 (Investor) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) (GOV.UK)

The Home Office has introduced a new rule to require applicants to provide an overseas criminal record certificate from any country they have lived continuously for 12 months or more over the past 10 years.

This requirement will be introduced in phases and will start with Tier 1 (Investor and Entrepreneur) applicants and their adult dependants. The requirement does not currently apply to extensions or in-country switching applications. The requirement will apply to all applications submitted on or after September 1st 2015. Updated policy guidance on the overseas criminal record certificate can be found on page 6 of these policy guidance documents Tier 1 Entrepreneur  and Tier 1 Investor.

9 July 2015

The Asylum Support Amendment No. 3 Regulations 2015 (Home Office)

This is a statutory instrument which outlines the updated rates of pay for asylum seeking persons and their families. In addition, please see explanatory memorandum to the asylum support amendment no. 3 regulations 2015 for more information on the Government’s plans to provide supported asylum seekers and any dependants with the weekly payment of £36.95.

April 2015

Home Office Policy Instruction – Ceasing Asylum Support 

April 2015

Home Office Policy Instruction – Asylum Support Section 4 Policy and Process

6 April 2015

New Biometric information collection methods come into effect

The new rules will mean that anyone registering or naturalising as a British Citizen will need to provide their biometrics as part of their application. Non-EEA nationals applying for a residence card, derivative residence card or permanent residence card will also need to submit their biometrics.

The changes will help align existing legislation and tighten up checks for those applying to stay in the UK. It will also make it easier to verify people’s identities, for individuals to prove their status in the UK and for the Home Office to identify those who do not have the right to be in the UK

19 March 2015

Migrant ‘health surcharge’ to raise £200

The government is set to recoup up to £1.7 billion over the next ten years to help pay for the cost of NHS treatment given to temporary migrants.

February 2015

Asylum Support – List of stores that accept Azure cards

February 2015

Home Office Asylum Policy Instruction – Sexual Identity Issues in Asylum Claims

The government has released instruction on how caseworkers should conduct asylum interviews in claims made on the basis of sexual or gender-based identity.

16 July 2014

Modern Slavery

The Home Office has launched a Modern Slavery marketing campaign that will raise awareness with the public, partners and businesses of slavery in the UK and encourage reporting to the new modern slavery helpline (0800 0121 700). Help bring a hidden crime into the open.