Publications 2014

Restore’s Annual Report 2014 (Restore – A Project of Birmingham Churches, Published June 2015)

This report looks at key achievements, a breakdown of budget expenditure, project delivery and work-streams during 2014.

Migration: The COMPAS Anthology (Compas, February 2014)

Edited by Professor Bridget Anderson and Professor Michael Keith, this interactive anthology coincides with the tenth anniversary of Compas. The anthology explores the idea of ‘migration’ through its myriad of complex, yet human stories, government policies and dichotomies. This anthology is designed both as a teaching and research resource and as a means of thought.

Yarl’s Wood Independent Monitoring Board Annual Report 2014 (Independent Monitoring Board, 2014).

This report looks at challenges, issues, examples of what is working and case studies at this UK Immigration Detention Centre.

Asylum Information Database – Country Report – UK (Co-ordinated by Asylum Aid, Edited by ECRE, December 2014). Contains useful information on asylum procedure, asylum applications, admissibility procedure, border procedure, reception conditions and detention issues.