No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) refers to destitute people from abroad who are subject to immigration control and have no entitlement to welfare benefits, Home Office support for asylum seekers or public housing.

The NRPF policy affects a wide range of people who are subject to immigration control, including refused asylum seekers, visa overstayers, visa overstayers, people subject to domestic violence, post-18 former unaccompanied asylum seeking children, people in the UK on spousal visas and some EEA migrants.

Local Authorities have a duty to provide advice to people with NRPF and to assit them in finding a solution. People with NRPF may be in some circumstances be entitled to care services including accomomodation and financial support. Local Authorities should undertake an eligibility test and an assessment of need in assessing whether they have a duty to support someone with NRPF.

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