Migration Profiles

Migration Profiles

In order to support the on-going work on Migrant Health, the Partnership has worked with Learning for Public Health to commission 14 local migration profiles, one for each of the 14 strategic authorities in the region.

The profiles provide an overview of migration statistics making use of a number of administrative data sources. Such data is not routinely collected or analysed and whilst these data sets are not without limitations they can provide commissioners of health and social care services and policy makers a useful window on migration flows and flag up possible impact at a local community level.

They also provide a quick reference to the impact of migration in the particular local authority area, identifying trends and the local authority’s position in relation to other parts of the West Midlands. In providing up to date data links there is also the capacity for health organisations and local authorities to undertake more detailed analysis of migration impact, should they require. These summaries would also be of use to a variety of other organisations working at a locality or sub regional level.

The 14 profiles are split as follows:

We would be pleased to receive feedback on how your organisation may have benefited from these profiles.