This section provides the dates in which the specific provisions of the Immigration Act 2016 will come into effect.

Provisions coming into force on 31st May 2016

(a) section 67 (unaccompanied refugee children);
(b) sections 69 to 72 (transfer of responsibility for relevant children);
(c) section 75 (maritime enforcement); and (d) Schedule 14 (maritime enforcement).

Provisions coming into force on 12th July 2016 

(a) sections 1 to 9 (Director of Labour Market Enforcement);
(b) sections 10 to 13 (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority);
(c) section 25 (code of practice);
(d) sections 31 to 33 (supplementary provision);
(e) section 34 (offence of illegal working);
(f) section 35 (offence of employing illegal worker);
(g) sections 46 to 53 (powers of immigration officers etc.);
(h) section 55 (supply of information to Secretary of State); (a) 2016 c.19. 2 £4.25 UK201605248 05/2016 19585 (i) section 56 (detention etc. by immigration officers in Scotland);
(j) section 57 (powers to take fingerprints etc. from dependants);
(k) section 58 (interpretation of Part 3);
(l) section 59 (guidance on detention of vulnerable persons);
(m) section 60 (limitation on detention of pregnant women);
(n) section 76 (persons excluded from the United Kingdom under international obligations);
(o) section 86 (power to make passport fees regulations);
(p) section 87 (passport fees regulations: supplemental);
(q) section 88 (power to charge for passport validation services);
(r) section 89 (civil registration fees);
(s) Schedule 1 (persons to whom Director etc. may disclose information);
(t) Schedule 2 (functions in relation to labour market);
(u) Schedule 3 (consequential and related amendments);
(v) Schedule 9 (duty to supply nationality documents to Secretary of State: persons to whom duty applies); and
(w) Schedule 15 (civil registration fees).