Migrant Health Briefings

Migrant Health Briefing Sessions

As a part of our successful partnership with Public Health England we are delivering a series of Health Briefings for key stakeholders across the Public and Voluntary Sectors. To date we have delivered three highly successful and popular briefings around key Migrant Health Issues. Links for the presentations from each event are attached below:

Latent TB Testing and Treatment for Migrants – A Practical Guide for Commissioners and Practitioners (2015) (Public Health England, 2015)

Links to the WMSMP Publication Page where this report can be viewed. This guide aims to  support the implementation of Local TB Infection (LTBI) testing and treatment and provide practical advice as part of a robust local and regional TB control programme.

Migration and Maternity (February 2015)

Trixie McAree (Head of Midwifery – Birmingham Women’s Hospital): An overview of  current priorities and challenges for delivery of maternity, where maternity care is going and what this might mean for migrant women

Monica Tolofari (Consultant Midwife): Child and maternal outcomes for migrant women, understanding and responding to the needs of vulnerable migrant women

Nicola Dennis (PHE): Overview of current maternity data for non-UK born women

Elsie Gayle (Lead Midwife – Mimosa Midwives):  Migrant women’s experience of care, what’s working and what’s not and what we can learn from this

Noreen Bukhari (Mamta): Community based approaches to improving understanding, access and experiences of maternity services by migrant women in Coventry

Click here to download the Migrant Friendly Maternity Services Toolkit (Department of Health, 2010).

Asset Based Approaches (November 2014)

Ranjit Senghera (Senior Manager Equalities & Health Inequalities, National Lead for Inclusion Health): Vulnerable migrants and health inequalities duties for NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups – the role of an asset based approach

Anthony Bullock ( Integrated Commissioner for Alcohol and Drugs, Public Health Staffordshire): The Asset Based Approach

Hajira Ben Moussa (The Nessa Project): Community Engagement in Norwich

Sue Hay (EACH Project Community Project)

Communicable Diseases (June 2014)

Mamoona Tahir (Consultant in Communicable Disease, PHE): Communicable disease – current knowledge, impact and issues for new migrant communities

Mary Tooley (Public Health, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council): Intelligence led engagement on communicable disease

Catherine O’Byrne (Freshwinds, Birmingham): Engaging new migrant communities on the health protection agenda