Wolverhampton Community and Wellbeing Hub Service Leaflet (Creative Support, August 2015)

Wolverhampton Community and Wellbeing Hub, led by Creative Support, delivers preventative and wellbeing services for anyone in Wolverhampton, aged over 18, who want to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing. Further to the service leaflet link above is the new weekly session planner which provides details of what’s on at the Epic Cafe (11-13 Lichfield Street) every week.

For more information, contact Aiesha on 07580 969 386 or email to find out more.

Foleshill Women’s Coffee Mornings (FWT, April 2016)

Free weekly activities for women in Coventry, including picnics, IT classes, health and well-being and coffee mornings. For more information, please contact Sheridan on 024 766 376 93 for more information.

Foleshill Women’s Training also holds a number of other event and activities including IT training, pregnancy support and health and wellbeing sessions.